Agenda & Details

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Important notes:

Come dressed in cycling clothing. We will leave directly from classroom to first set of drills.  Wear normal shoes to classroom session, but have cycling shoes close by.

Pack a lunch and snacks and water. We will stop for approximately 30-45 minutes for lunch.

Tune your bike up the week before!   Brakes, gears, etc.   Make sure tires are pumped up before showing up in the morning.   No dirty bikes please.

Read through material before you get here!!!  You will be emailed attachments that will help you!  READ them.

Purchase a USA Cycling License online and read through basic rulebook.   You will register as a Category 5.

Required safety gear:

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Jersey
  • Shorts

Highly suggested and recommended: 

  • Sunscreen,
  • Sunglasses
  • Bring your training wheels for drills.  You can put your racing wheels on for both the practice race and actual race.  It will be a bummer if you fall over in the grass during bumping drills and break your $3000 wheels.
  • Put a energy bar or gel in your back pocket to munch on during the morning drills if needed.

Do not have on your bike, but put in your gear bag:

  • Pump
  • Co2’s
  • saddle bag
  • spare tubes
  • tools

Daily Agenda:

8-9am-  Check-in, Introductions of coaches and attendees

Discussion of basic USA Cycling racing rules,  Explanation of drills

9:00-9:10- Mount bikes and ride to practice area

9:10-10:15- Bumping drills in grass, Lead/Follow,  wheel touches, Shoulder to Shoulder.  “Last one balancing” game.

10:15- 11:45- Cornering drills in parking lot.    Steering vs.  Countersteering.    Left hand corners, Right hand Corners,   Lead-Follow,   Side by Side,  Three up,  Slalom,  Lead/Follow (hazard avoidance),  How to clip in quickly.

11:45-12:30– Lunch Break- Classroom

12:30-12:45—Review and debrief:  What did you learn?

12:45-1:15- Course walk-

1:30-2:00- Practice race-  Only BRP riders and coaches

2:15- 3:00- Debrief and final instructions for Category 5 race.  What’s your warm-up?

3:00-3:45- Prepare for race.

3:45- Line up near S/F

4:00-pm Category 5 race.

4:45-5:30pm – Debrief and final thoughts.